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AYSI: Transforming Tennis Aspirations into Achievements

"Discover Our Mission, Team, and Commitment to Excellence"

AYSI (Athletes Youth Sports Institute) and MYLTF (Made You Love Tennis Foundation), partnered together as ambassadors of the late great Coach Wink’s National Junior Tennis Learning (NJTL) program to carry on fulfilling Coach Wink’s legacy of bridging hard work and dedication to endless possibilities towards broadening and enriching one’s life. Coach Wink’s NJTL offered free or low-cost tennis and education programming. As a reward and pay-off for dedication and hard work academically and athletically throughout the school year and tennis season, the youth are taken annually to Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day (AAKD). This event is held at the US Open Tennis Grand Slam in Fleshing Meadows, Queens, New York. Participants at the AAKD have an opportunity to watch professional tennis matches, attend a concert, meet professional tennis players and participate in interactive games and family activities. Our journey to the US Open AAKD starts on August 23rd and concludes on August 26th.

"Group of young tennis players training on the courts at AYSI Tennis Academy, showcasing dedication and skill development in

AYSI Tennis Gallery

For New and Returning Tennis Members

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Preparing for Summer

Serving a Tennis Ball


Everything You Need

Girl with Pink Shirt

Jordan Parker


Man with Curls

Reese Whiteman


Girl with Yellow Sweater

Jamie Lane


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